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Design, development and bespoke website optimization services

A successful website is a nimble environment, responsive to industry developments, emerging trends, behavior of competitors, as well as meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The best digital marketing campaign in the world will fail if your digital platforms are not up to scratch. Modern consumers have no patience for platforms that ‘don’t work”.

This is why we consider it’s imperative that the brand owns the website, from strategic planning, to design, optimization, post-live analysis, and ongoing management. Doing so not only improves communication, but also reduces costs and improves performance and ROI.

Smart Marketing offers customisable and bespoke website optimization services aiming to increase the onsite conversion rate and often comprises of:

Website audit

– we’ll take a deep dive into your existing site measuring its performance and availability

Audience and traffic analysis

– understand who’s coming to your website, how they got there and what they’re doing on the page.

Content and landing page optimisation

– improving conversion metrics for seasonal and one-off campaigns.

Mobile optimization

– ensure your website is also tailored for users on the go. We’ll recommend how to optimize your conversion funnel for the mobile landscape.

Ongoing activity

– provide ongoing recommendations and testing environments to continue to maximize on-page performance for new and existing web content.