Online Advertising is the best method of promoting your business around the Google search, allowing you to appear on top or side of the paid results. Pay-per-click is instant and can bring you results within a matter of minutes. It can be very useful when you play in a very competitive industry and reaching the top in the organic search is quite a challenge.
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Smart Marketing builds your PPC campaigns by firstly understanding your business objectives, your competition and choosing the right target market.

By managing your budget, we are able to reduce your cost per click and increase your conversion rate. We ensure that you are only bidding for the keywords that are relevant and will generate the most return at the best price.

What we do specifically for your campaign includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Structure optimization
  • Analytics and behavioural Analysis
  • Display Network Optimization
  • Location targeting and Seasonal Scheduling
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reporting