For your digital posture to be successful, it needs to be strategically created. All our engagement starts with DIGITAL STRATEGY: Messaging, Content, Channel and Outreach.

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For delivering a coherent digital strategy, we take four steps:

Planning involves the evaluation of the following:

  • The objectives and expected returns on online investments
  • Brand’s current positioning and perception
  • Target audience and segmentation

The planning stage is dealing with the assessment of current status and identification of focus areas for the digital strategy.

Creation is focused around designing your online posture and involves:

  • Identification and customization of proper communication channels (own website, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Defining of KPIs (key performance indicators) and expected return per channel
  • Content creation and communications flows planning ( SEO, SEM, display marketing, blogging, e-mail marketing)

Creation stage means implementation and launch of each channel.

Execution focuses on delivering the online campaigns:

  • Real time campaigns adjustments across each channel
  • Sampling campaign progress and optimizing of the content
  • Recording relevant content for evaluation

Execution stage optimizes ongoing campaigns as a whole and relies on near real time actions to tune the strategy.

Evaluation is imperative to learn the lessons from a campaign, including:

  • KPI review and performance
  • Evaluation of customer engagement and longer term benefits
  • Taking lessons for future campaigns

Evaluation improves the effectiveness of future campaigns and strategies.